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Where You can Buy Noopept around the World.

Noopept comes from Russia and it was first synthesized in 1996. Noopept was designed to mimic a natural brain chemical called cycloprolylglycine (CPG). Scientists know CPG for its anti-anxiety and stimulatory effects. Noopept is a top Nootropic because of how strong and potent it is at increasing cognition. It is 1000 times stronger than the first Nooptropic (piracetam).[1]

Where to buy Noopept: UK


The UK has recently passed a bill called the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. This Act prevents the distribution of all substances that are deemed ‘psychoactive’. According to some reputable UK Nooptropics vendors, this list includes Noopept, Phenibut and Phenylpiracetam, among others. The Act is basically a blanket ban on all Nootropics and ‘psychoactive’ substances in the UK, preventing all UK based vendors to sell these products.

buy noopept from UK Buying Noopept in the UK doesn't need to be difficult

If you live in the UK, its not all bad, though. Possession of ‘psychoactive substances’ as listed in the Bill is still legal. You just can’t buy it from the UK. Liftmode.com offers highly competitive pricing for shipping Nootropics products to the UK.[2]


Where to buy Noopept: Australia

There are a number of online vendors selling Noopept in Australia. Noopept is mostly sold as capsules in Australia. It’s up to you if you’d like to take Noopept as a capsule form or in another way. We stick to our argument that it’s best to take Noopept under your tongue. Taking Noopept sublingually reduces the time that it takes to work its way into your body, and it also increases the effects because it goes directly into your blood stream.


Liftmode.com sells highly pure Noopept powder with a Certificate of Analysis. We offer very competitive pricing on our shipping to Australia.


Where to buy Noopept: South Africa


There is one local online vendor in South Africa selling Noopept in a powder and a dropper form. Noopept is not readily available in stores in South Africa. However, the pricing of Noopept in South Africa is somewhat more expensive that buying Noopept powder directly from the US.

buy noopept You can get Noopept for cheap in South Africa buy buying from the US

With shipping, it can be a little more expensive to buy a 5gram powder from the US (5 gram powder is all that is available in South Africa). However, if you were to buy a bulk product like a 10 or 20 gram tub of Noopept from the US it would work out cheaper than buying from online vendors in South Africa.[3]

Where to buy Noopept: India


There are no online vendors of Noopept in India. The market for Nootropics in India is still a very small percentage of the population. But even with a small percentage, the population of India is so incredibly large that there is actually a fairly high demand for good quality Nootropics.


If you are looking for quality Nootropics in India your best option would be to go with a well known online vendor from abroad with good quality shipping. Liftmode.com is a great option with highly competitive pricing, fast shipping, and the best quality products on the market.

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[3] Price of 5 grams Noopept powder in South Africa is USD 14.40 (R209.00)  - upgradedself, July 11, 2016. Price of 10 grams Noopept from Liftmode.com is USD 15.88 (R231.20) , and 20 grams is USD 21.88 (R318.50) - https://liftmode.com/nootropics/noopept.html