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  • How to Choose Your Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Health Supplements

    You may have noticed that there are several supplements available today with “powerful antioxidant effects” and “natural anti-inflammatory actions”. The question is – how do you know which one to choose? Are they all the same? Should you use one rather than another? If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, then this article should help you to better make up your mind about which supplement to choose.

    But – why do people use antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements in the first place? If you’re already aware of the benefits of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements, we recommend you skip to the section on choosing the best one.
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  • How to Take Taurine? 3 Top Facts

    Taurine is a naturally produced amino acid-like substance, found in all animals. Your human body produces its own Taurine, which it uses for a number of important functions. Unlike many other animals, humans don’t produce enough Taurine for our bodies to function optimally so we need to get extra Taurine from our diets or from supplements

    There are a lot of myths about Taurine, which we’ve covered in our Ultimate Taurine FAQ. These include the myth that Taurine is bull semen (which it most definitely is not!). Take a read through this great article about how to take Taurine.
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