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Our Top 5 Noopept Stacks - What To Stack It With And What To Expect?

If you've ever wanted to increase your cognitive performance and boost your memory and learning capabilities, you may have already looked into purchasing Noopept. Noopept is the most powerful Nootropic. People often wonder about what the best Noopept stack is, and this article will help you to understand more about which stack could help you.


Noopept stack #1: Choline & Noopept - Boost your memory and cognition!


The first Noopept stack that comes to mind is the Noopept and Choline Bitartrate stack. Noopept and choline have a great mutual relationship. People often use this stack. Noopept has the remarkable ability to make your brain more responsive to choline. This helps to improve your memory. The synergistic Noopept choline stack is great for anyone looking to boost their cognitive performance and improve memory.[1]

noopept stacks well with choline bitartrate Noopept with Choline boosts memory and cognition


Stack #2: Phenylpiracetam & Noopept - Two racetams


Noopept and phenylpiracetam together are another Nootropic combination that you may have thought about when considering your Noopept stack. Noopept and phenylpiracetam are based on the same ‘parent’ compound, Piracetam. As a result, Noopept and phenylpiracetam work in very similar ways.

take noopept Liftmode Noopept: 99%+ pure!


Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information available about the effects of stacking these two Nootropics. If you wanted to do a Noopept Phenylpiracetam stack, we’d advise using lower than normal dosages to start. Our phenylpiracetam is only sold for research purposes.[2] [3]


Stack #3: Phenibut & Noopept - Increase your sociability and focus


The Noopept Phenibut stack is an interesting one! This may actually be a highly effective stack for improving sociability, alertness, and mood. The Noopept phenibut stack is impressive! So much so that you may experience feelings of euphoria. On the one hand, we have Noopept - the ultimate Nootropic, boosting memory, cognition, and alertness. It provides a general stimulant feel with extra strong clarity. On the other hand, we have Phenibut - the calming, socializing and anti-anxiety substance.

Noopept and Phenibut - good for social settings Improve sociability with Noopept and Phenibut

With Noopept and Phenibut you have a powerful Nootropic stack that you shouldn't take too lightly. Again, we’d recommend using lower than normal dosages when you start and make sure you do your research on how to use Phenibut properly.[4]


Stack #4: L-theanine & Noopept - Stay relaxed and focused


L-theanine is a calming amino acid extracted from green tea. L-theanine is like a natural version of phenibut, with greater stimulating effects. L-theanine is great for creating a calm, relaxed mood without drowsiness. It also has a host of other health benefits.


Using a Noopept L-theanine stack is a great option and would be quite similar to a Noopept phenibut stack. Noopept's cognitive enhancing effects are aided by L-theanine’s mood boost and relaxation. Some users report Noopept as being highly stimulatory, and a Noopept L-theanine stack would help to take the edge off a strong Noopept dose.[5]


Stack #5: Alcohol & Noopept  - 'Clear headed drunk'

Combining Noopept and alcohol is something a lot of people wonder about. Noopept is a super strong and powerful derivative of Piractem, the original Nootropic. Noopept and Piracetam were both designed to help the brain recover from damage due to stress and toxins. The cognitive enhancing effects were also helpful.

Noopept & alcohol Noopept and alcohol interact differently for different people


Also, Piracetam increases blood flow in the brain. There aren’t many studies available about Noopept’s effect on brain blood flow. However, since Noopept is basically just a much stronger and “buffed up” version of Piracetam, we can safely say that Noopept would probably also increase cerebral blood flow. More blood to the brain theoretically means more alcohol in the brain and so combining alcohol with Noopept may result in stronger effects from the alcohol.[6]


Many people have said that Noopept has the ability to lessen the effects of a hangover. Furthermore, drinking on Noopept affects the feeling of being ‘drunk’ for some users. Some people have reported a sense of clarity and clear-headedness when combining Noopept with alcohol.[7] This may also be dangerous if you are making bad decisions.[8]



Noopept is a great Nootropic both on its own and in combination with other substances. Noopept is designed to improve brain function, enhance memory and learning, and create a sense of clarity and focus.

Combing Noopept with other Nootropics, especially mood enhancing substances and anti-anxiety supplements like Phenibut or L-theanine, can be beneficial. Noopept increases your brain’s response to choline. We'd highly recommend a Noopept choline stack.



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