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  • Oleamide is the Ultimate Relaxation Supplement!

    Oleamide is a naturally occurring fatty compound produced by all mammals [1] to help bring on sleep. Modern producers of oleamide often use oleic acid as the starting compound – a molecule found in olive oil.

    This wonderful molecule was first found in humans as late as 1989.[2] Scientists then found that oleamide was synthesized by human nerve cells using ammonia, oleaic acid, and enzymes. They also discovered that oleamide accumulated in response to sleep deprivation.

    They found that staying awake for 6 hours longer than normal resulted in a 4 -6 times increase in oleamide levels![3]
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  • How Oleamide works: 5 Easy to Understand Concepts

    Oleamide works as a health-promoting supplement. People use oleamide to promote healthy sleep, feelings of relaxation, to improve their appetite, and for its health benefits. Oleamide is produced in the bodies of all animals to help them to enter into a state of sleep. If you are sleep deprived, your natural oleamide levels will be particularly high.

    In this article, we explore the ways that oleamide works – how it interacts with receptors and your brain to produce its wonderful effects and protects your brain from inflammation. Oleamide is a very safe dietary supplement.
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  • How to take Oleamide for Relaxation: Top Tips

    Oleamide is found naturally in all animals and helps to induce sleep. Scientists have found that oleamide helps to produce good REM sleep cycles, at higher doses. At lower doses, oleamide is a great calming and relaxing supplement.

    People often take oleamide to reduce stress and anxiety. At higher doses, oleamide begins to interact with your cannabinoid receptors, further improving mood and acting as a mildly psychoactive supplement.

    In this article, we’ll examine the best ways to take oleamide. We examine three of the top benefits of oleamide and take a look at oleamide side effects.
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  • What do people use Oleamide for? Top 4 Benefits of Oleamide!

    Oleamide is an endogenous sleep-producing lipid. People use Oleamide for a number of effects, including promoting healthy sleep. Oleamide occurs in high quantities during sleep deprivation. Interestingly, Oleamide dietary supplements are sometimes manufactured from olive oil derivatives. It is great for helping with falling asleep, improving your mood, and increases your appetite.


    In this article, we’ll examine the top benefits of oleamide. Oleamide interacts with certain receptors in your brain called GABA receptors. At higher doses, oleamide interacts with cannabinoid receptors. Some people claim that higher doses of oleamide produce strong psychoactive effects.
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  • Phenibut FAA vs Phenibut HCl - What is the difference?

    If you’re reading this article you’ve probably already heard about the wonderful effects of phenibut. Maybe you’ve tried it yourself and are contemplating something new. If you’re not yet completely sure about what phenibut is, read through our Phenibut guide here.

    Phenibut FAA vs Phenibut Hcl Liftmode Phenibut F.A.A, 99.5% purity


    Phenibut comes in two forms. Phenibut F.A.A. is the free amino acid form of Phenibut. In other words, it's pure, free Phenibut without anything else. Phenibut HCL is the hydrochloride salt form of Phenibut, produced by reacting free Phenibut (the F.A.A. form) with hydrochloric acid.


    Almost all Phenibut offered on the market is Phenibut HCL.

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  • How long does Phenibut last?

    How long does it take to feel phenibut?

    According to experiences posted on Erowid.org, Phenibut usually takes around 60 to 90 minutes to feel the first effects. The full dose will usually only be felt around 2 hours after taking phenibut. This is backed up by user reviews on the internet. People are aware that phenibut has a fairly long onset time. The effects of phenibut also last quite long.[1]

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