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  • The 'love-molecule': How Phenylethylamine works in 5 easy points

    If you’ve ever wanted to powerfully increase your energy and focus, you'll be interested in how phenylethylamine works. Also known as the ‘love-molecule’ and the chemical responsible for ‘runner’s high’, phenylethylamine is your brain’s most powerful stimulant.

    Found in small quantities in various food sources, people have incorrectly thought that chocolate and red wine can create the same feelings as falling in love. Taking a Phenylethylamine supplement can help to improve mood, focus, and energy. It gives a powerful but short-lived boost. You can lengthen the effects of PEA by taking MAO-B inhibitors or Hordenine.
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  • Is Synephrine safe? - 5 Tips for Safe Consumption

    Is Synephrine bad for my body?

    The bitter orange plant, Citrus aurantium, is a plant found in Asia and the Mediterranean. It has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Bitter orange contains both m-synephrine and p-synephrine. Synephrine is safe, while ephedrine can be dangerous. We only sell pure p-synephrine.

    Synephrine is consumed by millions of people around the world, both as an extract supplement and also in citrus juices.

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  • What is Synephrine? - 5 Basic Facts

    Synephrine facts: History


    Synephrine actually has a very long history of use. The bitter orange plant is a native species to tropical Asia and eastern Africa. It has a long history of being used as a medicinal plant in throughout Asia as well as in the Amazon rainforest. 


    Traditionally it was used as a treatment for nausea, constipation, and indigestion. It was also used in the Mediterranean for the treatment of heartburn as well as to promote weight loss and decrease appetite. Oil extracts were sometimes applied to the skin, but it has mostly been used in its extract form.[1]


    The bitter orange fruit is high in both ephedrine and synephrine. Use of ephedrine can be very dangerous to people with underlying medical conditions or when combining with caffeine or other stimulants. We only stock pure synephrine.

    Synephrine facts The bitter orange tree, found in Asia and Mediterranean.

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