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  • Top 7 Supplements for Sleep in 2019

    Lack of sleep can be attributed to anxiety, stress, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, pain, and inflammation, among others. Unfortunately, this can cause a negative cycle, where not sleeping causes even more stress!

    Over-the-counter sleeping pills are notorious for their unwanted adverse effects and hangover effects. Although they get the job done, many people (including ourselves!) still prefer to look out for natural sleep aid alternatives. In this article, we explore the top supplements for sleep in 2019.

    The supplements below have been studied extensively and all have a host of scientific evidence pointing to their ability to improve sleep in humans. They are of natural origin and have been shown to improve both the quality of sleep and the length of time that it takes to fall asleep.

    We are aware of some other herbs and dietary supplements that people use, but to our knowledge, these are the most extensively researched supplements for sleep available today!
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  • People are using Magnolia Bark extract for these Top 5 Benefits!

    Magnolia Bark Extract is an ancient herbal substance, first used in China over two thousand years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine used Magnolia Bark Extract for a number of ailments. Modern science has found five potentially great benefits of magnolia bark. People are using Magnolia Bark for a number of great reasons!

    In this article, we’ll explore the top five benefits of using Magnolia Bark Extract. The recommended dosage for Magnolia Bark Extract as a dietary supplement is around 250 – 500 mg daily. If you’re still not sure about what Magnolia Bark is, why not read through our product description?
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  • This Is How to Take Magnolia Bark Extract!

    People take magnolia bark extract for a number of great benefits. These benefits include the potential to help reduce feelings of stress, promote healthy sleeping patterns, and maintain overall good health.

    Magnolia bark has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over two thousand years. The Chinese used magnolia bark extract along with other herbs and active components for the treatment of a number of ailments and illnesses.[1] These included treating the symptoms of emotional distress. It seems that the ancient Chinese knew about how to take Magnolia bark extract for stress, long before we did. Read more about it here!
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  • 4 Top Reasons Magnolia Bark Extract is a Great Supplement!

    Magnolia bark extract is an ancient herbal remedy from Ancient Chinese medicine. The Ancient Chinese used magnolia bark in combination with a number of other herbs and plants. Modern science is now exposing the health benefits of magnolia bark supplements.

    You can use magnolia bark extract as a dietary supplement to help promote a calm, relaxed state, and to promote healthy sleep. Magnolia bark extracts also have a number of potential health benefits including improving cortisol and glucocorticoid levels, and reducing inflammation.

    In this article, we’ll answer the common question: “What is magnolia bark extract?”
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