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sleep aid

  • How to take Oleamide for Relaxation: Top Tips

    Oleamide is found naturally in all animals and helps to induce sleep. Scientists have found that oleamide helps to produce good REM sleep cycles, at higher doses. At lower doses, oleamide is a great calming and relaxing supplement.

    People often take oleamide to reduce stress and anxiety. At higher doses, oleamide begins to interact with your cannabinoid receptors, further improving mood and acting as a mildly psychoactive supplement.

    In this article, we’ll examine the best ways to take oleamide. We examine three of the top benefits of oleamide and take a look at oleamide side effects. Continue reading

  • Baicalin for beginners: Four benefits people are going crazy over!

    If you’re new to the world of Baicalin, you may be wondering what the best uses of baicalin are. In this article, we’ll explain why you can take baicalin for a number of health benefits.

    But first, let’s talk about what baicalin really is (it’s pronounced “bay-co-lin”). Baicalin is the active compound found in an ancient Chinese medicinal plant called the Chinese Skullcap. The Chinese traditional herbalists have used Baicalin since ancient times, for a number of therapies.

    You can use Baicalin for a number of health benefits, including Baicalin for healthy sleep, pain relief, reducing stress, and skin protection. Continue reading

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