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Ultimate List of 7 Most Effective Nootropics that are Still Legal in the US!

What are Nootropics? We call compounds that are capable of improving mental capacities and memory 'Nootropics'. Nootropics are substances that have the potential to improve cognitive performance. The benchmark test of a Nootropic substance is how it performs in tests on brain function. Nootropics are great for boosting memory and brain power.[1] They're receiving a lot of media attention online.


As a result, Nootropics use is definitely growing among university students (much to the dismay of many of the university staff) and Silicon Valley techies.[2] Whether this causes an ethical debate or not is up to you to decide.

top nootropics Nootropics improve memory and cognitive function


How can Nootropics help you?

It is undisputed that over the past 10’000 years (since the invention of agriculture) our brains have had to deal with an ever-increasing amount of information. From an evolutionary perspective, 10'000 years is an incredibly small amount of time. In fact, our brains have hardly evolved at all from the earliest farmers (aside from a slight shrinking).[3]

top nootropics The Khoisan are the oldest hunter-gatherer society on Earth

The amount of information that we are required to process has grown almost infinitely. An early hunter-gatherer would feel as though he had been catapulted into a parallel universe if he were to see the state of our civilization today. However, his brain capacity would be roughly equal to ours.


The ability of the human brain to learn and form new neural pathways is unparalleled in the natural world. However, even with our incredible brains and our wonderful education systems, we're still stressed by how much information we are required to process.[4]

Boost your Brain power, Cognitive Performance and Memory with these Seven Top Nootropics!

This is where Nootropics come into play. Nootropics have been studied mostly in people suffering from cognitive deficiencies, and their efficiency among healthy people is still mostly taken from user reviews and experiences. However, the claims people make about how Nootropics have helped them is a powerful argument. We don’t believe that Nootropics alone will solve all your problems (this isn’t “Limitless”) but they might just give you that extra boost you need to power through life!

Nootropic #7 -  5-HTP: Boost your mood and enjoy healthy sleep


First on our list is 5-HTP. 5-HTP is actually not, 'strictly speaking', a Nootropic.  It is not classed as a racetam, like most other Nootropics. 5-HTP is an amino acid and is found naturally in our bodies! It's a really important intermediate compound in the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin, and that's why we've included it as our first compound!

5-HTP is a great substance to boost your mood! 5-HTP is a great substance to boost your mood!


The benefits of 5-HTP include a powerful mood-boost, improved sleep quality and appetite suppression. You might be thinking that this doesn't sound like a Nootropic at all. But if you think about it, what better way to improve cognitive performance than a great night's sleep and a good mood? In fact, studies have shown that sleep and mood are two of the most important factors in cognitive performance![5]


The usual dosage for 5-HTP is 100 - 600 mg daily, in one to three doses. 5-HTP is a very safe substance and side effects are very rare. If you're taking any medication please read our full article for more information. Some people would recommend taking 5-HTP with green tea for even better performance![6]


Nootropic #6 - Piracetam: The Father of Nootropics


Ah, Piracetam! Piracetam was the original Nootropic substance, and it was designed specifically to improve cognition. There are a number of newer Nootropics based on piracetam (see below) which are said to be stronger, but no Top Nootropics list is complete without including Piracetam!


The good thing about Piracetam is that it has been studied more extensively than any of the newer Nootropics. Its been around for longer and people know more about how it works. Most of the newer Nootropics work in the same way as Piracetam, because they are literally built from Piracetam. You can think of Piracetam as the 'prototype' of Nootropics.


The main effects you'll notice from Piracetam are improved cognition, memory boost and increased learning abilities. That's not all you'll get from Piracetam though! Its also good at improving breath holding times and reducing aggression. Piracetam dosage is higher than most other Nootropics. To really feel the effects of piracetam, you'll need a dosage of around 1,200 - 4,800 mg a day. Piracetam is built to improve human performance so any side effects are rare and short-lived.[7]


Nootropic #5 - Phenibut: Peaceful and calm


Phenibut is the first substance on our 7 Top Nootropics list. Phenibut is actually not not always sold as a Nootropic. This is not because of a lack of strength or potency but rather because Phenibut acts a little differently to other Nootropics. Make no mistake though, this is a powerful Nootropic.

Phenibut has powerful calming and tranquilizing effects Phenibut has powerful calming and tranquilizing effects


First of all, phenibut is super powerful at promoting calm and tranquil states. Most other Nootropics actually cause stimulation, but phenibut is better as a 'chill' Nootropic. It still produces the improved cognition and memory associated with Nootropics, but it is different because it can be used as an anti-anxiety substance and to aid in promoting healthy sleep.[8]


Furthermore, phenibut’s major effects are to act as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and calming substance. People say that phenibut is effective for overcoming social anxiety at medium doses, while higher doses are used to aid in sleep. You'd usually dose phenibut at around 500 – 2000 mg per day, depending on the desired effects. It is important to cycle phenibut use as dependence can occur.[9]


Finally, you can read more of our interesting articles about phenibut here and here.

Nootropic #4 - Huperzine A: Boost your learning!


In fourth place, we have Huperzine A. This Nootropic is extracted from the herb Huperzia serrata, which is found mostly in China. It is a potent substance and a powerful Nootropic. The extracted Huperzine A compound works to prevent the breakdown of Acetylcholine in the brain – resulting in strong stimulant-like effects and improved cognition and memory.[10]

top nootropics Huperzine A increases acetylcholine A, 'the learning transmitter'


Huperzine A allows greater activity in the brain by reducing the breakdown of acetylcholine, thereby producing improved cognitive performance and mental stimulation. For more information read our thorough Huperzine A description here. Huperzine A can also promote neurogenesis (growth of nerve cells) and protect your brain from dangerous toxins.[11]


Huperzine A side effects are relatively rare and mild if used responsibly. The average Huperzine A dosage is around 50 – 200 mcg daily. WebMD lists a number of possible interactions between Huperzine A and other substances so it is important to read through these if you are considering using a Huperzine A stack.[12]


Nootropic #3 - Choline Bitartrate: A natural Nootropic


Choline bitartrate is the ‘salt’ form of choline, making it more stable and easier to digest. You can find choline in a number of dietary sources and it is produced naturally in small quantities. You'll notice a number of great effects from using Choline Bitartrate. These include improved memory and improved cognitive performance. Choline also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is effective at protecting the liver from stress.[13]

top nootropics Choline is a powerful Nootropic and boosts memory and is also good for general health and protecting the liver


While choline dosage varies among users and desired effects, studies have found that for general health effects, a choline dosage of around 250 – 500mg daily is good. For Nootropic effects, your choline dosage can be a little higher, more around the 1 – 2g daily mark. We suggest that you start with a low dose and slowly increase it to find your optimal choline dosage.[14]


Choline is an essential nutrient and the body needs it to function properly. You can use choline for a number of other effects than just Nootropics. These include helping with liver disease, depression, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimers. WebMD lists Choline as safe for use under the limit of 3 grams daily in adults.[15]

Nootropic #2 - Phenylpiracetam: No Longer Sold By Liftmode


Nootropic #1    Noopept: 1000 times Stronger than Piracetam

In our number one spot we have Noopept! Noopept is probably the strongest Nootropic available - up to 1000 times more powerful than piracetam! The main effects of Noopept include increased memory and learning capabilities. It's also a potent neuroprotective molecule and has strong anti-anxiety effects. One benefit that you'll notice from Noopept is that it increases blood flow to the brain which gives it stimulating properties. You'll also find Noopept has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.[18]


Noopept is mostly without side effects at recommended dosages. However, side effects and interactions have not been intensively studied yet. It has have fewer side effects than piracetam or phenylpiracetam. The common recommended dosage for Noopept is around 10 – 30mg daily.[19]

Noopept, the regal lion of Nootropics Noopept, the regal lion of Nootropics

“This product is by far my most favorite nootropic. I can tell the difference and feel that my mind became very clear and helped me to stay focused. After the repeated use for a while, the effect seems to build up rather than becoming tolerant which is very important for using product on a daily basis. It is obviously improving my cognition and helping learning new things.

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top nootropics Liftmode Noopept is 99+% purity

Nootropics are compounds and chemicals that are capable of improving mental capabilities. The effects of these substances often include increased memory, mental stimulation, and improved learning capacities.

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