The Ultimate Noopept Dosage Guide and How To Take

Noopept, or GVS-111, is a Russian developed Nootropic substance based on the original racetam Nootropic, piracetam. Noopept is much stronger than piracetam – up to 1000 times more powerful! One of the main things that Noopept has been studied for is its ability to provide a neuroprotective effect. This means that Noopept can protect your brain from stress. It is also a very strong Nootropic, providing boosts to cognitive performance and memory enhancement.[1]

Noopept dosage Noopept is up to 1000 times stronger than piracetam

How Noopept works (simple description)


Firstly, Noopept needs a lot more research to properly understand its methods of working. It is an improved and stronger version of piracetam. Noopept is based on a naturally occurring brain chemical called cycloprolylglycine (CPG). Scientists say that Noopept is turned into cycloprolylglycine in the brain. CPG has some great anti-anxiety and anti-oxidant effects.[2]

noopept dosage Noopept improves cognition and memory


Secondly, we can remember that Noopept works like piracetam only stronger. This means that it has the great effect of increasing cognitive performance and boosting memory – more powerfully than piracetam. It also has added benefits of anti-anxiety and anti-oxidant effects and is really good at protecting your brain from toxins and stresses.[3]


Finally, Noopept has mostly been studied in people who already have cognitive defects (people with Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke, epilepsy, and ADHD). Noopept has been really effective in helping to manage those disabilities in studies and there is definitely room for more research about Noopept and how it works. Another good resource that you can use to understand Noopept is online forums. LongeCity, Erowid, and the Nootropics subreddit are all good resources to learn more about Noopept.[4]


Noopept dosage


The recommended Noopept dosage is around 10 - 30mg daily. This is a much more powerful substance than piracetam, so the doses are a lot smaller. Just remember that everyone works differently so you may have to take a few different sized doses to find the one that’s right for you. Some people only need a really small dose. Others might need a little more Noopept to enjoy the benefits.[5]


How to Take Noopept


We’ve searched through how most people take Noopept and found that the best way to take Noopept is under your tongue. Taking your Noopept dosage sublingually helps it to work its way into your bloodstream faster. Of course, this isn’t for everybody so if you’d rather not you can always take Noopept in a different way.

noopept dosage Noopept is best taken under your tongue


Some people take their Noopept in capsules to avoid having to swallow the powder. Noopept isn’t very soluble in water, so it's not a great idea to try to dissolve it. You could also measure out some Noopept and swallow it with a glass of water or juice to mask the taste.


Noopept and Choline


A lot of people wonder about Noopept dosage with Choline. In theory, it can be dangerous to use certain Nootropics together, especially ones that haven’t been fully researched yet. Luckily, though, choline bitartrate is a naturally occurring Nootropic, and it's actually found in a lot of food sources. Stacking Noopept with Choline is a good option because Noopept can make you more sensitive to choline.[6] This means that Noopept can enhance the effects of choline.


Noopept Dosage


Noopept is a great substance with powerful Nootropic effects. It's advised that you stick to the recommended Noopept dosage to avoid unwanted side effects. These are rare and mild and can include headaches and overstimulation. The recommended daily Noopept dosage is 10 - 40mg.



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