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What Supplement Can Be The King Of Nootropics - To Unleash 'Limitless' Brain Power?

Who Will Ascent To The Throne Of Nootropics And Become King?

What are Nootropics[1] ”smart drugs” and how did they become popular?

The term Nootropic, which means “toward the mind”, was first coined in the early 1970’s meaning literally denotatively (mind bend/turn). However, the idea of a Nootropic supplement, quickly became popular with the 2011 movie “Limitless”.[2] By 2015, the global sales of this broad category of compounds exceeded $1billion.

Can you take a pill and instantly become smarter, more successful and sexy?

Contender To Become Nootropics KingMaybe, if we are writing our own movie script.  But in real life, Nootropics are supplements that may enhance our capacity by maximizing our cognitive and neuro-chemical function, memory and mood through brain and body health, mental energy and expedited recall.

Although such supplements may be prescribed by medical professionals to treat cognitive and motor dysfunctions such as: Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease, and ADHD. They are also known as dietary supplements that may be used by healthy individuals to enhance cognitive function, focus, clarity, mood and memory (short and long-term recall).

Well a new line of supplements known as nootropics and array of studies seems to suggest that they certainly can! Nootropics[3] are known as memory pills or brain boosters or even as cognitive enhancers. Nootropics are defined broadly as those dietary supplements that are known to enhance memory, brain health, focus, and overall cognition.

Which Nootropic supplements are the noble contenders to the throne of Nootropics?

Some of the best brain supplements are offered by and include:


Liftmode's L-Theanine 200mgThis nootropic is a strong contender for King because it is popular, safe to use daily and provides focused cognitive support, with calm. It is deemed helpful against brain cell damage.[5] Some consider it useful for learning new things.

Uses: L-Theanine is often combined with Caffeine for the synergistic enhancement they offer. Caffeine is also a nootropic, but its downsides can include “jitters”, which L-Theanine helps to alleviate, while supporting mental sharpness.[6]

Strong Points: L-Theanine is safe to consume daily and may help to decalcify the pineal gland. It may help provide sharper mental focus during the day and a deeper dream/sleep at night.[7]

Downsides: L-Theanine is not known for pronounced side effects. It is safe to take daily. However, some people do not experience the same level of benefits that others rave about. While there appear to be few if any side-effects from frequent use of L-Theanine, it can lower blood pressure, so may not be suited for use with certain medications.[8] L-Theanine benefit do not appear to be very pronounced nor to have long-term effectiveness or to be even noticeable for some individuals.


Huperzine A

Liftmode's Huperzine A also a strong contender – may be best considered The Duke of Memory Supplements.

Uses: Huperzine A is most often taken for enhanced learning and memory, and to help offset the age-related potential decline of these brain functions. It is known to help the body’s production of Acetylcholine – which aids in nerve/brain communication.[9]

Strong Points: Huperzine A is considered very beneficial for helping to offset memory loss and maybe even help restore lost memory as well. It is also considered beneficial for supporting mental function, especially in aging of day to day motor activities.[10] Huperzine A may help to actually help nerve growth and support a healthy immune system, improve circulation, and reduce swelling.

Downsides: Huperzine A is considered by some to have few if any scientifically demonstrated side effects beyond potential nausea or headaches. Other studies suggest that it may contribute to increased blood pressure, and blurred vision.[11]

Compared to other Nootropics, Huperzine A does not have many downsides. However, regarding mental acumen and acuity, it does not seem to measure up as well in use and popularity. Studies indicate it may also cause restlessness, twitching, or urinary incontinence.


Liftmode's Noopept GVS-111

This supplement seems to work even better than L-Theanine for calm focus, but may have more longterm benefits for memory enhancement. Noopept  is therefore great for long work hours and for studying, exams, or for anything that requires mental endurance and sharpness, without the jitters or crash of caffeine.

Uses: Noopept is a memory booster, known to enhance recall. For short term or long term memory, it has been often combined with Choline to enhance its effectiveness. Stacking the two is considered to enhance creativity, reduce anxiety and promote more advanced logical cognition.[14]

Strongpoints: Noopept is also popular for its ability to enhance mood and to be an overall pick me up for those who need to function at peak level. But may also help those with neuro and cognitive ailments by offering pronounce neuro-protective effects.[15]

Downsides: Noopept really has no particular downsides that have been reported, beyond the “headaches” that the use of any nootropics may cause. Its properties seem designed to help not harm the brain and its myriad functions. Some studies and reviews, indicate that it may contribute to increased anger.[16]

Now On to The Crowning of The King of Nootropics

Drum roll...

...The King of Nootropics however appears to be Noopept! It is a wonderful Nootropic that is rapidly becoming known for its benefits to cognitive function and enhanced focus and is known to help with mood as well.[12]

New to US markets and well renowned for its effects on brain function and even memory it is popular among researchers, college students looking for that extra edge during exam periods, and professionals who need an extra boost for a competitive edge!

Unlike most brain boosting supplements, Noopept[13]  is considered to enhance all brain functions and thus support a healthy mood and may even help offset the negative effects of consuming alcohol.



Medical Disclaimer

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