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Bruce's Focus Stack

This is the daily focus stack that our customer service agent Bruce uses to reduce stress and stay on the ball. 


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 Gotu Kola Extract ⭐

✔️ Stress relief

✔️ Calming and relaxing

✔️ Neuroprotective & supports learning

⭐ Kanna Extract ⭐

✔️ Potent mood support

✔️ Improves sociability

✔️ Energizing and focusing


✔️ Plant-derived Nootropic-like compound

✔️ Cognitive performance

✔️ Supports learning and may promote neurogenesis


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Chet: So Bruce, tell us, what do you do to keep focused while working those late shifts, spending so many hours in front of the screen?

Bruce: Well Chet, I'm glad you asked. I do a lot of yoga. Thai Chi. Kickboxing. And Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Wait, sorry, that's for my other job... [winks]

Chet: Wow Bruce, that's really funny!

Bruce: Thanks. Jokes aside, I try to focus on staying productive for around 50 minutes, and then clear my brain by doing something completely different for 10 to15 minutes. It's a technique called Pomodoro, I'm sure you've heard of it.

Chet: I have, I've tried it myself.

Bruce: That works well, I could recommend it to anyone. I've also been using a daily stack every afternoon. I've recently updated it and it works wonders for my focus.

Chet: Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Bruce: Sure, I call it my "sublingual sunshine". I use one serving of Gotu Kola Extract, a half serving of Kanna MT55 extract powder, and a serving of 7,8-DHF.

I pop them under my tongue altogether and leave them there for around a minute. Couldn't be easier.

Chet: Alright man, that sounds great! I haven't tried that combination myself, but I think I'll check it out. Can you tell us why you use this specific combination?

Bruce: Absolutely. I'd been experimenting for months before I found this. I was looking for something with just the right ratio of mood [lift] and stress relief to cognitive performance boost. I find if I focus too much on the stress relief, I can feel a little drowsy, but if I put too much into the cognitive side, I feel a little overstimulated, especially with how much coffee I drink [Bruce chuckles].

Chet: You drink a lot of coffee?

Bruce: A lot.

Chet: And so this combination works for you?

Bruce: It works great! The Gotu Kola extract calms me down and is a mild GABA agonist, so it's great for stress relief. There's also some new research about how it might promote neurogenesis and learning capacity, so that's really cool.

The Kanna is... well, you know about Kanna. But the combination is great - stress relief with a little mood boost.

And then the 7,8-DHF is my favorite natural cognitive enhancer, I really like it because it's a flavonoid derivative and is found in plants. It's also a bit under the radar, which I like.

The cool thing is that the serving sizes are low enough that the full stack can be taken sublingually, so it makes it really easy.

Chet: Awesome! I think a lot of our readers might be put off by sublingual use. How does it taste?

​Bruce​: You can't taste much over the slightly acidic slightly sweet taste of the Kanna extract, but when I tried Gotu Kola and 7,8-DHF without the Kanna, there was only a very slight floral taste. Tastes a bit like chamomile smells.

The taste of a small serving of Kanna is growing on me. At first it was a bit intense, and it stimulates salivation a little bit. Now I can taste some sweetness to it. Maybe I'm developing a palate?

​Chet: ​Doesn't sound too bad at all. I usually go for capsules but the sublingual bioavailability is way better for these compounds than oral. 

​Bruce: If youget a chance to try it, it really is very good. I can stop caffeine consumption early afternoon, hit this stack, and I am energized and focused into the wee hours.

​Chet: ​Perfect, thanks a lot!