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New Products Summer 2020

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 Just released in the summer of 2020!


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LIFTMODE New Products Summer 2020


Check out our new products launched this summer!


Alpha Lipoic Acid

- A unique antioxidant produced naturally in humans, plants, and animals

- Promotes healthy energy and metabolism - great for healthy aging!

- Supports effective nutrient absorption and digestion


Garlic Extract 

- Our Garlic Extract is standardized to contain ≥1.8% Alliin.

- One of the best-known immune-supporting dietary supplements in the world

- Huge base of research supports benefits on human health


Kava Extract

- Standardized to 60+% Kavalactones - supercritical CO2 extract

- A well-known Polynesian plant used as a ceremonial inebriating brew

- Supports a good mood, relaxation, and improved sociability



An immune-supporting polyphenol compound similar to Rutin and Quercetin

- Great antioxidant, neuroprotective, and circulatory-support benefits

- Directly inhibits the activity pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNFα, NF-κB, and IL6.


Cistanche deserticola 

A desert-growing plant endemic to China and East Asia

- Libido-boosting and vitality-enhancing benefits

- Standardized to an excellent ratio of 22% Echinacoside and 6% Acetoside.



Calcium Ascorbate (buffered vitamin C)

- Ascorbic acid is better known as Vitamin C: an essential vitamin for health and immune function

- Great for people with poor digestion or low dietary fiber

- May also improve immune function, induce detoxification, and act as an anti-aging compound. 


Tongkat Ali Extract

A plant endemic to South East Asia with a global reputation

- High-quality libido-enhancing and vitality-supporting dietary supplement

- Standardized to 12+% Eurycomanone: far above the potency of most commercially-available extracts


Green Coffee Extract

- Extracted directly from green coffee beans

- Standardized to 50+% Chlorogenic Acid

- Great for reducing fatigue, improving energy, focus and alertness.

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