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Phenibut is an effective calming supplement related to GABA, with increased bioavailability, which helps ease and reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Phenibut also supports a positive, uplifted and outgoing mood. In addition, Phenibut helps support a deep, restful night's sleep, and moderate amounts of Phenibut can be used like GABA to increase flexibility and enhance muscle growth.

Phenibut was originally developed as an over the counter anxiolytic in Russia, which does not impair performance or focus, but prevents nervousness; and Phenibut was so trusted that it was selected as a supplement for the Cosmonaut program, so that astronauts could operate effectively with a clear head under pressure.

LiftMode Phenibut products include 40 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams, and 500 grams of the purest Phenibut HCl crystals available on the market. Unlike other brands or sources, LiftMode never adds any fillers or inactive ingredients to its 99.8+% pure Phenibut. LiftMode packages our Phenibut in sturdy, convenient, and airtight polypropylene jars along with the correct scoops, to ensure easy measurement, and fresh Phenibut with a long shelf life. In addition to offering the best quality Phenibut crystal granules, LiftMode is also the exclusive source for Phenibut FAA (free amino acid), which is the non-acidic form of Phenibut that is optimum for sublingual administration.