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Taurine - 400 Grams (14.11 Oz) - 99+% Pure

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relaxing perk Review by rob
Ingredient in the most popular energy drink made me investigate taurine. I used another brand in amino stacks before active days and it was ok.
Liftmodes'Taurine - 400 Grams (14.11 Oz) - 99+% Pure is not mixed with fillers like my previous taurine brand. I feel the slightest of perkiness in the most relaxed way. I think this will be best in my night time stack to unwind. (Posted on 4/18/2015)
Great for overall health Review by Jim
My son and I use this after workouts and it helps with muscle cramps. There are also so many other health benefits for using Taurine, too many to list for a short review. It is a great value to buy this in bulk and with no fillers or other ingredients that sometimes come in proprietary blends that you may not always want. Great service, as always, with LiftMode. My only regret is not finding LiftMode and their great products sooner. (Posted on 3/19/2014)
Excellent product Review by Dana
This is the cleanest, purest source of taurine I have found. Dissolves easily and essentially tasteless. (Posted on 2/16/2014)
Great purchase Review by Sawyer
I purchased Taurine more as a means to balance my B-Alanine supplemetnation as there is evidence to show that B-alanine supplementation in the absence of high Taurine diets can have negative physical and cognitive effects.

After using both supplements for a couple of months I am dropping the B-Alanine but sticking with the Taurine! I feel a palpable increase in my mood and energy levels after taking taurine and research has shown benefits of Taurine supplementation while weight training.

Great Buy! (Posted on 1/19/2014)
Great! Review by Jourdan
Taurine helps calm me down when needed but it also is a great workout aid. I take a little bit before a workout, and then throughout the session continue to sip it, as your muscles become depleted of taurine during exercise. I've notice my strength and endurance improve markedly since supplementing with it.

Thanks Liftmode for providing an affordable, easy to use source of taurine, you get a lot for the price! (Posted on 9/14/2013)
Don't understand it, but it DOES work! Review by Eun C.
This stuff is truly amazing. It IS calming and seems to have a relaxing effect in the right dosage, but is ALSO somehow stimulating before workouts. Taste is also very mild, almost sugary, so I don't have to spend the extra time to fill empty gelatin capsules. Doesn't mix/melt well in liquid, at least in my experience, so I find myself usually scooping it directly on my tongue and then gulping it down with some lukewarm water.

I LOVE it for a pre-workout bump. I take this with a B-12 and caffeine pill, and it's better than any energy drink/shot I've ever had...(plus it's cleaner and cheap! ;)

Thanks Liftmode! (Posted on 8/29/2013)
Surprisingly calming! Review by Grace C.
I've had sleep issues for as long as I can remember, but with the new job and apartment, I was even more stressed. Well...I found the solution!

I recently had great success with another of Liftmode's products, but have been advised by a friend to do regular "breaks" so that the effects aren't too diminished...

Taurine is surprisingly calming. It doesn't put me to bed like the other one, but makes me more relaxed throughout the day. So I now take 2 scoops of this in the morning with a glass of lukewarm water (dissolves great, no taste whatsoever :) and the other around bedtime.

Thanks Liftmode!! (Posted on 4/23/2013)

7 Item(s)

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