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Oleamide Powder - 20 Grams (0.71 Oz) - 99% Pure

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Take with food for better results Review by VP
I bought Liftmode's oleamide back in late September. I feel obliged to point out that oleamide, being an endocannabinoid, lacks solubility in water. This means that taking oleamide on an empty stomach will be unlikely to produce any appreciable effect (correct me if I'm wrong). That said, I've personally noticed that 50-100mg of oleamide taken after a meal produces great results, slightly reminiscent of the effects of CBD (cannabidiol). I can imagine this product being therapeutic for those dealing with the typical insomnia following cannabis cessation. As always, Liftmode delivered a great product and I've just recently placed an order on a 50 gram container of oleamide which I expect to arrive soon. (Posted on 5/27/2015)
Makes me sleepy Review by William
The effects of this product are strong and long lasting with an onset of 1 - 2 hours. In my case it made me very sleepy. If you want to try this stuff during the day, make sure it's a day off and start with a small dose. (Posted on 7/19/2014)
Interesting Review by BigBInc
Oleamide is interesting, in high doses its relaxing ...., it also made me a little dizzy but not in a bad way. In lower doses it gives you mild relaxation, helping somewhat with anxiety and tension.

Since its from olive oil I would assume it would also possess properties beneficial to overall heath but I'm not sure as I could not find much information about Oleamide on its own.

I would recommend it for sleep, relaxation, and muscle tension and of course with Liftmode you get the best quality for the best price and the best service!! (Posted on 1/6/2014)
Incredibly fast shipping, pure product Review by Nate
This was my first order from Liftmode and I will definitely be a returning customer. I order the product on Friday afternoon and it was here by Monday morning - great shipping time, even with standard shipping. Most companies would have left my order sitting around until Monday to be shipped but not these guys.

As for the Oleamide, I must say I am absolutely pleased with the professional presentation of the order. Included was the product (well sealed), a 0.15 cc scoop (great for measuring these kind of products and an item I was not expecting with my order), and a Certificate of Analysis that really helps dispel any concerns about the purity of the product.

I have taken a dose of the Oleamide, around 200mg, and it does indeed produce a pleasant, subtle relaxation. Not overpowering in the least (for me but everyone will be different) and a nice way to take the edge off the anxiety and pressure of the day.

I will definitely be ordering again and I am thrilled to have found Liftmode. Thanks again guys. (Posted on 12/2/2013)
Works Decently For Sleep Review by Nick
Taking this product at dosages of around 500mg seemed to work for sleep. The onset time was roughly 2 hours, and the sleep quality was nice with few wakeups. The only downside is the duration which seemed to last around 12 hours. Overall I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. Good to take on the weekends but not during the week because of duration. (Posted on 9/14/2013)

5 Item(s)

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