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  In this new article, we’ve found some of the top Huperzine A reviews from around the web. You’ll get to read up on what people think about Huperzine A and how it helps them with memory and cognition. Huperzine A is one of the top nutritional supplements for improving memory and cognition. It has been studied for potential use in Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. However, most people who use it are perfectly healthy and are simply looking for a powerful Nootropic with potent effects. For more information about Huperzine A and how it works, read through our product listing. [caption id=""attachment_2040"" align=""alignright"" width=""680""] Huperzine A has been studied for its potential effects on dementia and Alzheimer's Disease[/caption]

What is Huperzine A?

Huperzine A is a very powerful chemical that was originally extracted from Chinese herbs. It has strong effects on your mental energy, memory, and cognitive performance. Huperzine A prevents your brain from breaking down a chemical called acetylcholine. This leads to increased acetylcholine levels in your brain. The benefit of this is that acetylcholine is often known as the ‘learning transmitter’. Its primary function is to assist with signal transduction – the transmission of signals between your neurons.[1] Huperzine A has been studied by researchers in laboratories to better understand the biochemical pathways relating to human physiology and disease. Studies have been performed using Huperzine A, focussing on people with Alzheimer’s disease patients[2], dementia[3], and chronic inflammation[4]. These potential benefits are still being researched. However, for now, you can purchase Huperzine A as a powerful cognitive enhancer and Nootropic[5].  

How to Take Huperzine A?

[caption id=""attachment_1113"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Huperzine A 1%[/caption] From Huperzine A reviews, most people understand that it is extremely potent. In fact, the recommended Huperzine A dosage is very low - around 10-20mg of a 1% extract per day. Huperzine 1% means that the product only contains 1% pure Huperzine A compound. This may seem like a very small amount, but when you think of how potent pure Huperzine A actually is, it makes a lot of sense. The recommended dosage for pure Huperzine A is as low as 100-200mcg (micrograms – 1/1000 of a gram)![6] Huperzine A powder should be measured carefully, using a small measuring scoop. The powder can be as is, in a capsule form, or added to a healthy smoothie or drink. It may be beneficial to take Huperzine A capsules with an additional Choline supplement like Choline Bitartrate.  

Huperzine A Side Effects?

Because Huperzine A is so powerful, it needs to be treated with respect. Taking anything stronger than a 1% extract can put your body at risk of negative effects. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Side effects listed in Huperzine A reviews include nausea, sweating, headaches, muscle twitching, slurred speech, restlessness, and stiff neck. Exceeding the recommended dosage may increase negative adverse effects.[7] [caption id=""attachment_2041"" align=""alignright"" width=""680""] Huperzine A is great for improving cognitive performance![/caption]

Huperzine A Reviews

After several months of recurrent use, I find that I am able to recall information quicker. My short term memory has also improved. I can remember conversations much more clearly and communicate more concisely. I have not had any adverse side effects. One side effect worthy of mentioning is vivid dreams. Sometimes I dream vividly about something I experience during the day or it can be totally unrelated. Taking Huperzine A prior to bed does not keep me awake. What it does do is help me get restful sleep – for some reason, I’m not sure of. I sleep less time yet feel energized upon waking. I don't use this everyday - mainly on days when I have extra mental tasks to complete. So far I have not noticed any tolerance.” – Steven, Huperzine A review on Liftmode   “I have been using huperzine A for some time now, and recently tried LiftMode's product after having a good experience with their phenylpiracetam. I always felt that I was low on choline, and I now supplement with it daily. Also taking racetams, sometimes simply taking choline isn't enough for me. Using 100 mcg (10 mg of the 1% powder) seems to do the trick for me. It came with a micro scoop, but for something like this I would much rather use a scale. It is safer that way and you can be sure how much you are taking. It isn't completely necessary because you do have the micro scoop, but I'd recommend getting a good scale, especially if you plan on buying other powders that you'll want to weigh.” – Casey, Huperzine A review on Liftmode   “In today’s busy lifestyles, sometimes it feels like you have to fight your way through this, but with Huperzine, you retain a sense of mental energy that offsets the drowsiness, yet not stimulating you. I would speculate that this is much healthier for one’s adrenal glands as it does not give you any jitters, plus you are working to enhance acetylcholine function which is great for brain health not only today, but also down the road when you are older and really could use it. It’s all about prevention, and we need to all start thinking about this now, regardless of what age you are.” – Bob Huperzine A review on Liftmode  


In conclusion, Huperzine A reviews from around the web consistently point to its great Nootropic and memory enhancing effects. People take Huperzine A for memory and to boost cognition. Another great source of Huperzine A reviews is Huperzine A Reddit threads. If you want to buy Huperzine A, check out our <product listing> for more information on this great supplement and how it works! [caption id=""attachment_2042"" align=""alignright"" width=""680""] Huperzine A helps to promote signal transduction by increasing acetylcholine levels[/caption]  

Medical Disclaimer

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