Gut-Brain Axis Bundle

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Feeding your mind? Go with your gut.

Studies have observed that the molecules released by microbiota may mediate physiological changes within the brain, and that changes made to human gut microbiota could have translated to alterations in cognitive performance.


Thanks to this relatively recent frontier in research, the gut-brain axis – a two way communication system operating via neural, endocrine and immune pathways, has recently been extended to include the gut microbiota.

The possible enhancement of cognitive performance and processes through supplementation and dietary changes to modulate gut microbiomes is considered a promising area of continued research, referred to as a paradigm shift in neuroscience.

The LiftMode Gut-Brain Axis Bundle is a carefully curated, discounted selection of some of our favorite ingredients with cognition-enhancing and microbiome supporting properties, easily scooped into an oblate pouch (included FREE in the bundle) for daily cognitive support.

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Regular price $83.40
Regular price $158.90 Sale price $83.40

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