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Our Loyalty Rewards Program

At LiftMode, we are a small, family-oriented business and we take great pride in the long-standing relationships we’ve formed with our customers. This is why we have always offered a Loyalty Rewards program.

Loyalty Rewards Program Overview

  • Bronze Level:  Once you’ve made at least one purchase and spent at least $40 on the site, you will be qualified for Bronze Level loyalty discount, which automatically saves you 1% on every future order! As you maintain your business relationship with us and decide to place orders, each additional purchase helps you qualify to ‘level up’ and save more!

  • Silver Level: Added discount of 1.5% applied to all purchases.

  • Gold Level: Added discount of 2% applied to all purchases.

  • Platinum Level: Even bigger discount applied to all purchases.

  • Diamond Level: Biggest available automatic discount applied to all purchases – like getting a sale price without having to wait for a special sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my loyalty level indefinitely?

Yes! At the current time, as long as you make at least one purchase per year you will not lose your loyalty level rewards.

Can I keep my loyalty level if I make a new account?

Unfortunately not – for technical reasons, we are currently unable to migrate loyalty status between accounts. This means, if you create a separate new account (register under a new email address), your automatic loyalty discount benefits unfortunately will start from scratch on your new account and new login. However, your prior account will continue to have access to its accumulated loyalty discount based on your earlier purchase history there.

I have FREE Shipping on my order, will my loyalty rewards still be applied?

Yes! We apply your loyalty rewards automatically to each and every order you place. As a long term LiftMode supporter, qualifying for our FREE Shipping on top of your loyalty discount simply makes your order even more of a good value!

I have a coupon code, will my loyalty rewards still be applied?

Yes! Coupon codes cannot be stacked on top of one another, but do not interfere with your well earned loyalty discounts.

I have a wholesale account, will my loyalty rewards count?

Nope, sorry wholesale folks! We have a different set of quantity discount tiers for wholesale accounts than for general account holders, and the loyalty program is reserved for our valued retail customers only.

Why do people say that LiftMode doesn’t offer a loyalty program?

We are glad to confirm that our automatic loyalty discounts are alive and well. They are quietly applied automatically and might pass unnoticed, but the discounts have been one of our small ways to say thank you to our valued loyal customers for many years.

Do you offer reward points?

We do not yet have this feature, but are working to implement a reward points program soon to give back to customers for more than just purchases – but also for sharing the word about us, providing new product suggestions, taking time to leave product reviews.

Join the LiftMode Loyalty Rewards Program

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