Disposable 1.0cc Natural Polypropylene Scoops

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Unit Size: Pack of 10
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Brand new natural 1.0cc polypropylene transfer scoops.


  • Cost-effective Disposable 1.0cc Natural Polypropylene Scoops.
  • Easy and rapid transfer of milligram quantities.
  • Approximately 400 – 600mg capacity for powders similar to flour.
  • Approximately 600 – 900mg capacity for crystals similar to sugar.
  • 3″ long.
  • Natural (translucent) color.

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LiftMode offers a variety of unit sizes of Disposable 1.0cc Natural PP Scoops, including a Pack of 100 units and a Pack of 10 units. Our Disposable 1.0cc Natural PP Scoops is of the highest quality.

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Regular price $4.68
Regular price $46.88 Sale price $4.68