Oleamide Review: Ultimate Round-up of User Reports

Oleamide is a naturally occurring lipid that aids in sleep and relaxation. As a dietary supplement, Oleamide is great for creating a chilled-out, relaxed feeling, and can be used prior to sleep or to unwind from stress. We’ve got a lot of information about Oleamide, how it works, what it does, and how to take it. However, sometimes it’s better to hear what other people’s experiences were. So, we’ve compiled a list of five Oleamide reviews. There are lots more reviews, available from our website. You can also find user experiences on drug-forum.com and on erowid.org. Enjoy! [caption id=""attachment_1004"" align=""alignright"" width=""640""] These satisfied customers left their reviews and experiences of Oleamide[/caption]

1. 100% Satisfied

“I have tried literally hundreds of supplements, and miscellaneous remedies in an attempt to function properly and gain better health. THIS -- OLEAMIDE -- is the ONLY one that helps immensely with sleep and mood. I must note, however, that this should be respected, as it works very well and is very potent. Thanks, so, so much, Liftmode. You're honestly giving me my life back.”
  • Sam, Liftmode.com 50 grams Oleamide review

2. Calm Mellow Feeling…

“I had great results from other Liftmode products so I decided to try this supplement as I have not seen it offered by anyone else or even heard of it. I researched Oleamide on various websites and read some medical journals on the web and it seems it worked for anxiety and sleep-related problems. I took 50 mgs first to test it out but I did not feel much of anything so then I dosed around 75 mgs the next time and it took about 30 minutes to feel a calm and then a mild mood lift and my stress pretty much faded away and I was more talkative to people around me and just feeling a calming mood over me. I would recommend this as it worked for me.”  Tim, 50 grams Oleamide review on Liftmode.com  

3. Buttery Plasticity

“Firstly, upon ordering this product I was anticipating a wait of at least a week for its arrival; it arrived just a day and a half after I ordered it! The pleasantry of my surprise was doubled upon my first dose of this product (2 scoops). It was calming, enhanced my perceptivity and appreciation of music (which I love), as well as slaying the dread I often feel prior to engaging in mundane redundant tasks (e. g. hand-washing dishes). Overall, it had a subtle yet succinctly tangible effect on me. I would certainly recommend this to anyone with the desire to 'take the edge off' after a hard day's work.”  
  • Mick, Oleamide review 50 grams on Liftmode.com

4. Interesting

“Oleamide is interesting, in high doses it's relaxing and gave a [relaxed] feeling similar to.. and, it also made me a little dizzy but not in a bad way. In lower doses it gives you mild relaxation, helping somewhat with stress and tension.  [caption id=""attachment_973"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Oleamide: 99%+ purity[/caption] Since it's from olive oil I would assume it would also possess properties beneficial to overall heath but I'm not sure as I could not find much information about Oleamide on its own.  I would recommend it for sleep, relaxation, and muscle tension and of course with Liftmode you get the best quality for the best price and the best service!!”  
  • BigBInc, 20 grams Oleamide review on Liftmode.com

5. Incredibly Fast Shipping, pure product

 “As for the Oleamide, I must say I am absolutely pleased with the professional presentation of the order. Included was the product (well sealed), a 0.15 cc scoop (great for measuring these kinds of products and an item I was not expecting with my order), and a Certificate of Analysis that really helps dispel any concerns about the purity of the product. I have taken a dose of the Oleamide, around 200mg, and it does indeed produce a pleasant, subtle relaxation. Not overpowering in the least (for me but everyone will be different) and a nice way to take the edge off the stress and pressure of the day. I will definitely be ordering again and I am thrilled to have found Liftmode. Thanks again guys.”
  • Nate, 20 grams Oleamide review on Liftmode.com


These reviews help shed some light on what other people's experiences with Oleamide have been like. For more information on what Oleamide does, why not take a read through our product description? Liftmode customers are always satisfied with their Oleamide orders.

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