The Ultimate Guide for How to Take Green Tea Extract

Green Tea has been used for thousands of years throughout the world as a health-promoting and relaxing hot drink. There have been hundreds of claims of the potential health benefits of Green Tea, many of which have since been confirmed by scientists. When you take Green Tea Extract you get a powerful dosage of health-promoting compounds. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways that you can take Green Tea Extract. We examine the recommended dosages, potential side effects and how best to take it. We also look into supplement stacks that you can use with Green Tea Supplement Extract. [caption id=""attachment_1481"" align=""alignright"" width=""640""] Green Tea Extract has a number of great health-promoting benefits[/caption]

Why Take Green Tea Extract?

Green Tea Extract is great for anybody who’d like to provide their body with a powerful health kick! It is best taken in addition to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle you will probably not experience the benefits of Green Tea Extract as much as if you are already consuming a healthy diet and getting in some daily exercise. The main health-promoting compound groups in Green Tea include catechins, polyphenols and a compound called EGCG.[1] People tend to take Green Tea Extract because of the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of these compounds. Furthermore, scientists have found that the compounds in Green Tea Extract may have a host of other important benefits. These potential benefits include antibiotic and antiviral effects, supporting a healthy weight, and others.[2] However, there is not yet enough conclusive evidence to make these claims for sure. This is why people today take Green Tea Extract as a potent health supplement and antioxidant.  

How Much Should I Take?

[caption id=""attachment_1464"" align=""alignright"" width=""298""] Liftmode's Green Tea Extract: 98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG[/caption] The best dosage at which to take Green Tea Extract is between 250 – 500 mg per day.[3] The dosage that you take would also depend on the strength and quality of the extract that you use. The recommended dosage above is for a high quality 95+% purity product. We don’t recommend exceeding the advised dosage when you take Green Tea Extracts. High doses have been shown to potentially harm your liver and may cause side effects like headaches, irritability, and anxiety.[4] It is thought that some of these side effects are attributed to caffeine content which is present in many Green Tea Extracts. To avoid these side effects, ensure that your extract is free from caffeine.  

How Do You Take Green Tea Extract?

You can take Green Tea Extract in a number of ways. It has a very high solubility in water, so adding it to a cup of hot water, tea or a glass of juice is one good method.[5] It does, however, have a strong taste. You could also take Green Tea Extract powder with a healthy smoothie. Other methods include using capsules to avoid the taste or even to take Green Tea Extract sublingually (under your tongue). This method allows the quickest entry into your bloodstream but may be inadvisable in the long run due to the acidity of the Extract and the strong taste.  

What Can You Combine Green Tea Extract With?

You can take Green Tea Extract with a number of other supplements. It is a very safe health-promoting supplement and is natural in origin, meaning that it can be easily mixed with other health supplements. [caption id=""attachment_1482"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] You can take Green Tea Extract in a healthy smoothie for great results![/caption] Our top three stacks with which to take Green Tea Extract include:
  • Green Tea Extract with Caffeine + L-Theanine: This great stack gives you the health-promoting benefits of a high-quality Green Tea Extract combined with the energizing and mood-lifting effects of Caffeine + L-theanine. It’s a great morning stack to start your day off on a positive note.
  • Green Tea Extract with Icariin: If you’re looking to boost your vitality and libido, this is definitely one of the top recommended stacks! When you take Green Tea Extract with Icariin you get the bonus of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects combined with the libido-boosting effects of Icariin.


[caption id=""attachment_1483"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Green Tea Extract made from dried Green Tea leaves[/caption] In summary, you can take Green Tea Extract in a number of different ways and with a number of other supplements in a stack. The recommended dosage is around 250 – 500 mg daily for a high-quality extract. People often take Green Tea Extract with hot water, juice or in a smoothie. Green Tea Extract is a natural health-promoting supplement and may help to act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant substance with the potential to help maintain a healthy metabolism.


Medical Disclaimer

Not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or ailment. Please read and fully understand potential adverse effects before using this product. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not written by a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before using any supplements, especially if you have any medical conditions.


B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Researched & written by Tristan and verified by the Research Team


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