Top 5 Quercetin Stacks for Improving Health and Well-Being

"In this article, we explore the top Quercetin stacks available today. People around the world are talking about Quercetin’s great benefits in promoting good health, vitality, and well-being. However, not many people know about how to combine Quercetin with select dietary supplements to gain even more from its unique benefits! Quercetin is a health supplement, derived from a number of plant sources. Many fruits and vegetables contain Quercetin – in low concentrations. Researchers are still conducting studies to find all the benefits of this remarkable phytochemical. Learn more about the top 5 Quercetin stacks for improving health and well-being. [caption id=""attachment_2441"" align=""alignright"" width=""847""] Quercetin is an extremely healthy substance found in fruits and vegetables like these berries![/caption]

What are the Top Quercetin Benefits?

Quercetin is rapidly gaining fame because of its wonderful benefits on health and well-being. Quercetin is often thought of as one of the world’s strongest health-promoting supplements, capable of delivering powerful effects to your body – especially to the immune system and in reducing inflammation. [1] [caption id=""attachment_275"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Quercetin, 95% purity[/caption] Before using Quercetin stacks, it’s important to understand the effects of this great supplement. We’ve compiled a comprehensive and understandable article about the top benefits of Quercetin, available on our blog: Top 6 Benefits of Quercetin. Some of the best researched Quercetin benefits include:  
  1. Enhanced immune system
Quercetin helps to strengthen your immune system. [2]  
  1. Powerful anti-inflammatory effects
Another top Quercetin benefit is its ability to help reduce inflammation in your body. Research has indicated that taking Quercetin reduces markers of inflammation significantly. [3]  
  1. Promotes a healthy circulatory system
Quercetin helps to promote a healthy circulatory system both by improving blood flow [4] and by helping to reduce the fat content in your blood. [5]  
  1. Helps to promote a calm mood
Animal studies have indicated that Quercetin has the potential to be used as a supplement to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone). [6]  
  1. Helps boost athletic performance
Studies have shown that Quercetin supplements produce a mild improvement in energy levels of performing athletes. These include an increase in VO2 max of around 4% and an increase in physical endurance of over 13%. [7]  

What is the correct Quercetin Dosage?

People often wonder about the proper Quercetin dosage to take to improve health and well-being. We’ve searched the web for clinical studies and scientific research to find the ideal Quercetin dosage for you. According to – an independent research website on dietary supplements – the recommended dosage for Quercetin is around 12.5 to 25mg per kg body weight, per day. We can average this to around 950-1800mg per day, for a 75kg person. [8] This is why our recommendation is a Quercetin dosage of around 800-2000mg per day. Importantly, you need to use lower-than-usual doses when taking Quercetin stacks to avoid negative side-effects and potential interactions. [caption id=""attachment_2442"" align=""alignright"" width=""848""] It's important to take the correct Quecetin dosage, which is why we recommend using capsules[/caption]

Top 5 Quercetin Stacks:


1.    Quercetin with Bromelain: Super-charge your immune system!

Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes derived from pineapples. The enzymes are called proteolytic because they help your body to digest proteins. In the past, people living in South America used Bromelain to treat indigestion and to reduce inflammation. Bromelain was also used in Germany as a medicine for the treatment of swelling and inflammation after surgery. [9] Today, you can purchase Bromelain as a powerful health supplement. [caption id=""attachment_2443"" align=""alignright"" width=""200""] Bromelain is a plant enzyme found in pineapples with great health benefits[/caption] Quercetin with Bromelain is one of the top Quercetin stacks because of the great synergistic relationship between these two compounds. Both Quercetin and Bromelain help to reduce inflammation and to enhance the immune system. Taken together, these supplements form a powerful combination. Quercetin and Bromelain also have a variety of different benefits. When you take the two supplements in combination you don’t only get a strong immune-boosting health stack – you also get the separate benefits of both supplements. We’ve outlined the different benefits of Quercetin and Bromelain below to compare:  
Bromelain Quercetin
Reduces inflammation [10] Reduces inflammation
Improves immune system [11] Improves immune system
Reduces swelling [12] Boosts mood
Promotes a healthy circulatory system [13] Promotes a healthy circulatory system
Helps improve digestion [14] Boosts physical energy
Helps with pain-relief [15]

2.    Quercetin with Green Tea Extract: Destroy inflammation today!

Green Tea Extract is another top health-promoting dietary supplement. It is also used to form one of the most powerful Quercetin stacks available today. Green tea has been used for thousands of years because of its wonderful benefits on health. It is thought to have been taken from China to Japan by Buddhist monks over a thousand years ago, where it began its journey to all parts of the world. [17] [caption id=""attachment_1220"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Green tea extract, high purity polyphenols[/caption] Recently, the polyphenols and catechins found in green tea have been investigated by Western science. Researchers have shown that Green Tea Extract has numerous health benefits. [18] Find out more about these benefits by reading our article: Top 3 Green Tea Extract Benefits.   As with Quercetin stacks using Bromelain, the benefits of Quercetin with Green Tea Extract are primarily about improving your overall health and well-being. Combining Quercetin with Green Tea Extract may well be one of the world’s most potent health supplement stacks. It’s important to adhere to the recommended dosages if you use this supplement stack.  
Green Tea Extract Quercetin
Reduces inflammation [19] Reduces inflammation
Helps fight infection [20] Improves immune system
Helps support a healthy metabolism [21] Boosts mood
Promotes a health circulatory system [22] Promotes a healthy circulatory system
Powerful antioxidant [23] Boosts physical energy

3.    Quercetin with Icariin: The world’s most powerful Aphrodisiac health stack!

[caption id=""attachment_771"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Icariin, 98+% purity[/caption] The third on the list of top Quercetin stacks is a combination of Quercetin with Icariin. This is a powerful libido-boosting stack and is considered one of the best aphrodisiac health stacks available today. It combines the powerful libido-enhancing effects of Icariin with Quercetin’s health benefits to give you sustained vitality. Icariin is a phytochemical (plant-based compound) derived from the Chinese herb called Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo. Horny Goat Weed gets its name from shepherds who saw how their goats and sheep got frisky after chewing on the plant. [25] Icariin is used as a libido and testosterone-boosting compound and can be purchased online as a dietary health supplement. For more information, check out our article on the Top 4 Benefits of Icariin.   Here’s the benefits of using Icariin and Quercetin stacks:  
Icariin Quercetin
Boosts libido for men and women [26] Reduces inflammation
Helps men produce more testosterone [27] Improves immune system
Helps to support healthy erections [28] Boosts mood
Promotes a healthy circulatory system [29] Promotes a healthy circulatory system
Helps to support healthy bones [30] Boosts physical energy

4.    Quercetin with Magnolia Bark Extract: Enjoy relaxation and well-being!

Magnolia Bark Extract is a powerful calming supplement and has been used in ancient Eastern cultures for thousands of years. Research has shown that Magnolia Bark Extract has the potential to improve mood and reduce stress. [31] The key ingredients in Magnolia Bark Extract are the phytochemicals called Magnolol and Honokiol. [caption id=""attachment_223"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] The flower of the Magnolia tree, which has been used in alternative therapies for over a thousand years[/caption] In the past, Magnolia Bark Extract was used in a Traditional Chinese Medicine tonic to support good health and treat a number of ailments. Today, however, Magnolia Bark can be used as a dietary supplement to support a healthy diet and lifestyle and to promote calm and relaxation. [32] Find out more about this great supplement in our article on the Top 4 Benefits of Magnolia Bark. Taking Quercetin stacks with Magnolia Bark Extract allows you to access the health benefits of both supplements, while enjoying the added calming effects of Magnolol and Honokiol. You can compare the two supplements here:  
Magnolia Bark Extract Quercetin
Helps reduce inflammation Reduces inflammation
Promotes healthy sleep [33] Improves immune system
Boosts mood [34] Boosts Mood
Reduces cortisol levels [35] Promotes a healthy circulatory system
May help decrease stress [36] Boosts physical energy

5.    Quercetin with Synephrine: Energizing and vitalizing!

Synephrine is an energizing and metabolism-boosting supplement that is often used by athletes and bodybuilders. Synephrine is derived from the Chinese Bitter Orange plant, along with other compounds like Hordenine and Ephedrine. Synephrine is often compared to Ephedrine in terms of its metabolism-boosting benefits. Although it is less potent than Ephedrine, it is considered to be much safer and still has powerful fat-burning effects. [38] [caption id=""attachment_401"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode Synephrine is 98+% pure[/caption] Quercetin stacks that use Synephrine are extremely powerful in terms of their energizing and vitalizing benefits. Quercetin itself has been shown to boost physical energy and athletic performance. [39] Combining it with Synephrine gives you a super-charged energy boost with loads of additional health benefits. This Quercetin supplement stack is recommended for athletes and sportsmen/women looking to gain more from their training. You can find out more about Synephrine’s safety by reading our article here: 5 Tips for Safe Synephrine Use. Here’s how Synephrine compares to Quercetin and why you can use it as one of the top Quercetin stacks:  
Synephrine Quercetin
Increases metabolism rate [40] Reduces inflammation
Helps your body to burn fat [41] Improves immune system
Increases energy [42] Boosts Mood
Boosts athletic performance [43] Promotes a healthy circulatory system
- Boosts physical energy

Quercetin Stacks: Side Effects and Warnings

Although Quercetin is generally considered safe to use as a dietary supplement, it is not without side effects that should be considered before using. These are very limited when using Quercetin at the correct dosage and may include:
  • [caption id=""attachment_2445"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Using too much Quercetin - above the serving side - may result in some side effects[/caption] Headaches
  • Upset stomachs, at high doses
  • Kidney damage, at exceptionally high doses [44]
  There are more side effects to be careful of when taking Quercetin stacks. Quercetin has a number of potential interactions with other supplements and medications that people should be aware of. For a more comprehensive look at the potential Quercetin interactions, check out our blog post on Quercetin Side Effects. An important consideration when using Quercetin stacks is the dosage. To avoid negative health effects from taking Quercetin stacks, we always urge people to use around half the recommended dosage for each supplement in the stack for their first time. For example, if you were taking a Quercetin and Green Tea Extract stack: [caption id=""attachment_1462"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Quercetin with Green Tea Extract is a great stack for promoting good health![/caption] Quercetin: Usual dosage = 800-2000mg per day Stacked dosage = 400-1000mg per day   Green Tea Extract: Usual dosage = 250-500mg per day Stacked dosage = 125-250mg per day Using these lower dosages for the first time allows you to get a feel for the stack as well as any adverse effects you might feel. If it feels good, you can slowly increase the dosages in small increments until you find the ideal dosage for your unique body.  

Conclusion – Quercetin Stacks for Health

In conclusion, Quercetin is a great supplement for promoting health and well-being. It is a powerful compound for reducing inflammation and improving your immune system. It helps to support your circulatory system while boosting your mood and increasing your energy. It’s no wonder that Quercetin is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful health supplements. Quercetin stacks can be used to get even more out of Quercetin’s amazing benefits! By combining Quercetin with selected other dietary supplements, you can gain more health benefits. Some of the top Quercetin stacks can be used to improve mood, increase energy, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and increase your libido!
  1. Super-charge your immune system: Quercetin with Bromelain
  2. Help your body destroy inflammation: Quercetin with Green Tea Extract
  3. Enjoy relaxation and reduce stress: Quercetin with Magnolia Bark Extract
  4. Improve your libido and vitality: Quercetin with Icariin
  5. Energize and vitalize your day: Quercetin with Synephrine 
One important note is that these are definitely not the only Quercetin stacks that you can take. You could combine Quercetin with many other dietary supplements for other benefits. However, it is always important to use a lower dosage when combining supplements, to avoid negative side-effects. Disclaimer: The products mentioned here are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or ailment and are purely sold as dietary supplements. [caption id=""attachment_2448"" align=""alignright"" width=""848""] Stay healthy this summer by taking Quercetin supplement stacks![/caption]  

Medical Disclaimer

Not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or ailment. Please read and fully understand potential adverse effects before using this product. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not written by a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before using any supplements, especially if you have any medical conditions.


B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Researched & written by Tristan and verified by the Research Team


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