Ultimate FAQ - 5-HTP for Mood: 7 Best Questions Answered

5-HTP is an important substance that your body makes from the dietary amino acid L-tryptophan. People use 5-HTP for improving mood, reducing appetite and supporting healthy sleeping patterns. There is still a need for more research into 5-HTP and how it works. People have left great reviews about their experiences with 5-HTP, and many believe that it is one of the best dietary supplements available. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top 5-HTP questions. It’s always good to do some background research before starting with a new supplement. We’ll help answer some of your questions. [caption id=""attachment_1180"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""640""] Many people use 5-HTP for its mood-lifting properties[/caption]

1.    What can you use 5-HTP for?

5-HTP can be used for a number of great benefits. You can use 5-HTP to boost your mood and focus, as well as to help aid in promoting healthy sleep. Some people also use 5-HTP to help with supporting a healthy metabolism.  

2.    How does 5-HTP work?

Your body converts 5-HTP into two hormones: serotonin and melatonin. This process occurs naturally every day. 5-HTP is an important compound that your body produces from the amino acid L-tryptophan.[1] Using a 5-HTP supplement helps to increase both serotonin and melatonin levels in your body.[2]  

3.    How much 5-HTP should I take?

The recommended dosage of 5-HTP is around 300-500 mg, once daily.[3] You can also divide this dosage into smaller doses and take them two to three times throughout the day. 5-HTP is soluble in water, so a great way to take it is in a glass of water or juice. [caption id=""attachment_1160"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""295""] 5-HTP powder from Liftmode.com, 99%+ purity[/caption]

4.    Is 5-HTP safe?

5-HTP on its own is a very safe dietary supplement. It is a natural chemical produced by your body every day and is important for the production of two key hormones: serotonin and melatonin. You can take 5-HTP as a daily dietary supplement to help with your mood. However, 5-HTP is not safe to use with certain prescription medications, especially SSRIs. If you are using SSRIs or any prescription antidepressant medication, please talk to your doctor before starting with a 5-HTP supplement as the combination can be very dangerous.[4]  

5.    How much 5-HTP for sleep?

Scientists have not yet confirmed the correct dosage of 5-HTP for sleep. This is simply because of a lack of studies so far. We’d recommend using a low dose, closer to around 200 mg, and seeing how you go with this. If required, you can always increase the dose later.  

6.    Can you use 5-HTP for weight loss?

A number of studies have examined the effects of 5-HTP on weight. These studies mostly looked at obese and overweight people taking 5-HTP supplements. The studies found a mild, yet significant improvement in metabolism in people taking 5-HTP supplements.[5] [caption id=""attachment_1181"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Studies have shown that 5-HTP may be beneficial in helping with weight loss programs[/caption] The main way that people seem to lose weight from 5-HTP supplements is from the appetite suppression effect. This may be due to increased serotonin levels.  

7.    What is 5-HTP found in?

5-HTP is produced by our bodies from the amino acid L-tryptophan. You can’t get 5-HTP from food sources. However, your body will produce 5-HTP from foods that are high in L-tryptophan. These foods include chicken, potatoes, sunflower seeds, dark leafy greens, and seaweed. The best way to increase your 5-HTP levels is by taking a high-quality 5-HTP supplement.[6]  


In conclusion, we see that 5-HTP is a great dietary supplement for boosting mood, reducing appetite, and helping to maintain healthy sleeping patterns. 5-HTP is converted into serotonin and melatonin, two vitally important brain hormones for good health. The recommended daily dosage for 5-HTP is around 300-500 mg. 5-HTP is safe on its own but should not be used in combination with antidepressants or SSRIs.    

Medical Disclaimer

Not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or ailment. Please read and fully understand potential adverse effects before using this product. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not written by a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before using any supplements, especially if you have any medical conditions.


B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Researched & written by Tristan and verified by the Liftmode.com Research Team


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