Where to Buy Berberine Around the World

Berberine HCl is an amazing health supplement with a number of clinically proven benefits. It was previously used as an effective supplement for the management of diarrhea and blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. Nowadays, you can buy Berberine online as a great health supplement with a variety of potential health benefits. In this article, we’ll explore the question of where to buy Berberine. This is often an important point, especially if you are living somewhere that doesn’t have a wide range of online supplement stores. We always recommend buying online from a well-known vendor. [caption id=""attachment_1618"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""640""] Berberine used to be a part of Ayurveda but Western science has found a way to isolate this amazing compound[/caption]

1.    Where to Buy Berberine in the US

The best way to buy high-quality Berberine HCl in the US is online. You may be able to find Berberine in your local health store. However, it is often cheaper and much easier to buy Berberine online. Good places to buy Berberine online include on Amazon, eBay and Liftmode. Liftmode offers the highest quality Berberine at the most affordable prices. We have a variety of payment options and shipping options to suit your needs.

2.    Where to Buy Berberine in Singapore

[caption id=""attachment_1543"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Liftmode's Berberine HCl 200 grams, 98+% purity[/caption] Earlier in 2016, Singapore lifted the ban on Berberine and Berberine-containing herbs from Chinese medicine. There are a number of places to find Berberine in Singapore. However, most of these products will be herbal formulas containing Berberine with a mix of other compounds. This is because of the close proximity of Singapore to China, and the prevalence of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore. Since there is no longer any ban on Berberine in Singapore, a great way to purchase pure Berberine HCl is through a reputable online vendor with competitive shipping prices. There doesn’t seem to be many options for Singaporeans to purchase Berberine from local online vendors. So, if you’re wondering where to buy Berberine in Singapore, we’d recommend getting it shipped over from the US.  

3.    Where to Buy Berberine in the UK

Berberine HCl is available through a number of stores and online vendors in the UK. Health shops will often stock Berberine HCl. In addition, you can find <Berberine HCl on Amazon>. We’re yet to find a vendor in the UK who sells or ships their Berberine HCl with a verified Certificate of Analysis (CoA). These days, Berberine HCl is no longer extracted from plant sources and pure Berberine HCl is almost always produced in a lab. Even if you have a standardized plant extract, it is difficult to extract pure Berberine. This is why most reputable vendors will ship their products with a CoA from their labs. This allows you to verify for yourself the quality and purity of the product that you’ve purchased. Check out Liftmode’s Berberine HCl for the highest quality health supplements!  

4.    Where to Buy Berberine Supplement in Canada

[caption id=""attachment_1619"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada[/caption] If you’re wondering where to buy Berberine HCl in Canada, you’ve come to the right place! Although Liftmode.com is not based in Canada, we regularly ship to destinations all around Canada. There are a number of Canadian vendors selling Berberine HCl. However, as is the case with the UK, we are yet to see a vendor who sells their products with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from their labs. Furthermore, Liftmode offers the highest purity Berberine HCl available at the most competitive prices.  

5.    Where to Buy Berberine in South Africa

Berberine is not generally produced in South Africa. As a result, all the Berberine HCl that you can find in South Africa has already been imported. Import taxes mean that this product is not cheap in South Africa. You’ll mostly find Berberine as an ingredient in health stacks or ‘weight-loss’ herbal supplement stacks in South Africa. Often, it is still in an extracted plant form. While this may still provide some benefits, the best way to use Berberine is in a pure form. Berberine has a number of really helpful health benefits, especially given South African’s love for red meat, sugar, and wine. Have a read through the health benefits of Berberine here.  

6.    Where to Buy Berberine in Australia

[caption id=""attachment_1620"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Melbourne CBD and Yarra river[/caption] There are a few places that you can buy Berberine in Australia. Amazon and eBay are two great places to start! If you are not already familiar with the health benefits of Berberine HCl, take a read through our product description. Once again, if you’re looking for the highest quality Berberine HCl at the most affordable prices, Liftmode.com is the place to shop. We offer fast, expedited shipping to Australia and the purest Berberine HCl available on the market – with a verified Certificate of Analysis for each batch.  


In conclusion, Berberine is a great health supplement that was previously used as an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practice. Today, you can purchase pure Berberine HCl from just about anywhere in the world. We always recommend using a reputable vendor who stocks high-quality Berberine HCl and ships with a verified Certificate of Analysis. So, if you’re wondering where to buy Berberine, look no further!

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