Where to buy Icariin around the world

You can buy Icariin from a number of places. If you're looking for good quality icariin then your best bet is directly off the Liftmode.com website. People buying icariin from the United States are also treated to free shipping! You will mostly find Icariin sold online but you can also find it in your local health store. Any alternative medicine shop or supplement store should stock icariin. If not pure Icariin, they should at least have something like a Horny Goat Weed extract. These will contain Icariin with a number of other compounds found in the Horny Goat Weed plant. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp2dcRqw49k[/embed]

Where to buy Icariin in Australia

A quick Google search for Icariin Australia brings up at least two Australian online suppliers of icariin. These are sold as icariin 60, which means a 60% icariin extract, or as icariin 20 (a 20% extract). The problem with this is that the remainder of the capsule is plant material which may contain a number of other compounds. Horny Goat Weed has at least five separate compounds. These compounds might interact with icariin, so we’d recommend purchasing a higher percentage purity extract.  

Where to buy Icariin in Canada

Canada doesn’t seem to have its own dedicated pure icariin seller. Canadians will have to make do with a Horny Goat Weed extract. As we mentioned above, the problem with this is potential interactions between compounds. [caption id=""attachment_777"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Icariin improves your libido[/caption] Another issue is quality over quantity. Purchasing a higher quality, higher purity icariin extract will provide a better overall satisfaction than a cheaper, bulk product. This is why we recommend purchasing a high quality, 98% pure icariin extract rather than wasting time and money on low-cost extracts.  

Where to buy icariin 98

Liftmode.com is currently the only reputable dealer to stock icariin 98. Icariin 98 means 98% purity icariin. Most other companies don’t stock icariin 98 because it is quite a difficult process to manufacture. Icariin 98 is the purest form of icariin available on the internet. It provides the strongest, most powerful icariin effects and benefits. Use icariin 98 for ED, improving libido, boosting testosterone and sexual performance, and as a pre-workout.   Find out how Icariin works.  

Where does icariin come from?

Icariin is found in the Epimedium plant, which is endemic to China and other parts of Asia. The Chinese use icariin in traditional medicine and they’ve been using it for around a thousand years. They’ve known for a long time that icariin has a host of health benefits. This is something that Western science is just catching onto now.  


Icariin is sold in a number of different formats. The most common form of Icariin is a plant extract. Vendors often standardize their icariin extracts to around 20% or 60% icariin. You can buy these products from online vendors or in a health shop. Icariin 98 is the purest form of icariin available. Only a few dealers stock icariin 98 and Liftmode.com is one of them. We are a reputable company with years of experience in manufacturing icariin 98. We guarantee the best product and we ship for free in the US.

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