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LiftMode Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Through third-party and in-house testing, LiftMode invests in ensuring the best and most reliable quality.



  • 2018 3rd Quarter

  • 2018 1st Quarter

  • 2017 2nd Quarter

  • 2017 1st Quarter

  • 2016 2nd Quarter

  • 2014 4th Quarter


                    Agmatine Sulfate COAs


                    Baicalin COAs


                    Berberine HCL COAs


                    Caffeine/L-Theanine COAs


                    Choline Bitartrate COAs


                    DL-Phenylalanine COAs


                    GABA COAs


                    Green Tea Extract COAs


                    Hordenine HCL COAs


                    Huperzine A COAs


                    Icariin 90% COAs


                    Icariin 98% COAs


                    Inositol COAs


                    L-Theanine Powder COAs


                    L-Theanine Capsules COAs


                    L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) COAs


                    L-Tryptophan COAs


                    Magnesium L-Threonate COAs


                    Magnolia Bark COAs


                    Melatonin COAs


                    Oleamide COAs

                    • 2017 4th Quarter

                      • 2017 2nd Quarter

                      • 2016 4th Quarter

                      • 2016 3rd Quarter

                      • 2015 3rd Quarter

                      Phenylethylamine (PEA) COAs


                      Phenibut Free Amino Acid (F.A.A.) COAs


                      Phenibut HCL Fine Crystals COAs


                      Phenibut HCL Large Crystals COAs


                      Phenibut HCL Powder COAs


                      Phenibut Capsules COAs


                      Piperine COAs


                      Quercetin COAs


                      Rhodiola Rosea COAs


                      Rutin COAs


                      Synephrine HCL COAs


                      Taurine COAs


                      TUDCA Sodium COAs


                      Yohimbine HCL COAs