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Join The LiftMode Affiliate Program

Do you run a blog or a website? Do you have many followers on Facebook or Instagram? You could make money by recommending on these channels.

Affiliate Program Overview

  • 15% commission on each sale
  • 15% 2nd Tier Commissions (15% on the commissions sales of affiliates that join our affiliate program through your signup link)
  • You can request a custom discount coupon of 10% (this coupon also tracks any sales made with it)
  • 60 days tracking life time
  • First click policy (the affiliate that is able to set their cookie first, will get the commission)
  • No Minimum Purchase
  • 50 USD Minimum Payout
  • Commissions will be paid out via Paypal, Wire, Check/Money Order or Bitcoin

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our Affiliate Program work?

Very simple – join our affiliate program and put your affiliate link on your website, blog or social media channel. Visitors will be foremost tracked via IP and through a cookie as a fall back. If they make an order within 60 days you will earn a commission.
If share our custom coupon with your audience, it will track any sales that are made through it and you will receive a commission.

Who can join the Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is open to all who provide content in the areas of health, brain & general fitness, nutrition and wellness (slimming, healthy nutrition, etc.).

Which advertising materials do we offer?

You certainly know your visitors and followers better than we do and we hope that you will be creative with our coupon codes and text links. You could create your own posts, product and shop reviews, entries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. You could also use your affiliate link to promote our products on your email list. We also offer banner ads for selected categories and products.

How do I get started?