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Store Policies

Shipping & Delivery

We offer both USPS and UPS shipping, both within the US and internationally. If a US shipment with tracking information does not reach you successfully, please contact us and we will reship it at no cost. International shipments are handled differently. For a complete information, please view our delivery policy.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your information with any third party, except as needed for fulfilling your order. We protect your personal data using industry-standard SSL encryption and secure hosting. Read the details of our privacy policy here.

Account Rules

We only allow one account on our site per user. The use of one account on our site by multiple users is prohibited and will result in account suspension.

Returns & Replacements

We have a 90-day, straightforward refund or replacement policy on all purchases, which we aim to make as hassle-free as possible.

In the event you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we can either re-ship or refund your order up to 90 days from the purchase date depending on the situation.

In order for us to initiate a return or replacement, we require that you email us all the numbers on the bottom of the jar you received.

The numbers are required from each relevant product container in order to proceed – if the two numbers are not available, refunds or reshipments regrettably may not be possible except in special cases with other documentation.

Once we receive the numbers on the bottom of the jar, we can research the issue and proceed to refund or replace your order.

Refunds of US-based payment methods can take a number of days to be visible, but are usually fully settled within 7-10 business days after they have been issued.

All QC claims will be researched by our GMP tracking system to confirm the contents of your order. We are unable to send re-shipments for products that have been verified by our GMP tracking system. We will, however, offer a refund if the order was placed less than 90 days ago.

At our discretion, we may often also require physical return and verification of the unwanted or unusable goods in question. If a physical return is necessary, we are able to provide a prepaid return shipping label for US-based orders.


We are an internet-only store (we don’t offer in-person purchases). If you have any questions about using our website to place an order, please email us or contact us by phone through the contact information provided below and we’d be glad to help! 

Contact Information

Phone Support: +1(855) 228-9993

(Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Chicago time)

Email Support:

47 W. Polk St # 100-241
Chicago, Illinois 60605

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We aim for fair and competitive pricing. All payments made payable to Synaptent LLC.We accept Credit Card, Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency, Bank Wire and eCheck forms of payment. We DO NOT accept PayPal or Amazon Payments, as these payment platforms unfortunately do not support you making payments via their service for the products we offer.

Viewing Orders

To view your Orders, please visit the account page.

Updating Account Information

To update your Account Information, please visit the account page.